Humanity International is the comprehensive solution for the internationalisation of companies and franchises. Our objective is to accompany and promote SMEs and foreign companies established in our country in their expansion abroad.

We offer legal, tax, financial, international marketing, translation and interpreting services, and at New Humanity Connect we have built a virtual space adapted to the new technological era.

We are present in 52 countries and 74 markets, with offices in Benelux and the rest of Europe.


Professionalism, efficiency and trust define us.

We collaborate as trusted advisors and partners of companies, governments and non-governmental organizations. We support our clients in responding to the incredibly rapid changes in today’s business environment. We maintain its competitiveness and add value to society. We learn to navigate through complexity, reaching unique insights, facilitating change, and becoming leaders capable of making real and lasting impact.

Our Mission

Help companies or franchises to expand and reach other markets virtually. Export and market your product or service in different countries. We know how to give you the international boost, we are your teammate.

Our Philosophy

At Humanity International we do not tell you how to do it, we teach you to do it in a comprehensive, practical, direct and dynamic way. We prepare you, adapt your portfolio and offer you a global service where you can successfully carry out your business with the rest of the world.

Our Commiment

Offer services and information to all Benelux or foreign companies that want to internationalise successfully in the different countries.

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