Hummanity Internacional, the solution for the internationalization of Spanish enterprises


Hummanity Internacional is a company whose aim is to give advice and support the internationalization of Spanish enterprises, in a market characterised by being infinitely more dynamic than the national market. This new market also demands a deep change in the understanding of each enterprise, towards a more cosmopolitan point of view. Throughout the process of internationalization, the business strategies that take part in the running of an enterprise change and so does its future prospects.


That said, it should be highlighted that having access to foreign trade is not a temporary decision that can be considered to respond to economic needs. It requires a clearly defined and specific corporate strategy in order to expand the business to other markets previously unknown by the enterprise.


What will your enterprise achieve by relying on Hummanity Internacional?


Our main goal is to help in the internationalization of Spanish enterprises, following a process focused in achieving several key objectives, for example:


  • To increase the independence of the company, regarding its local market.
  • To expand the enterprise towards new markets in an effective and competitive way.
  • To improve the business image in the new markets.
  • To manage and evaluate commercial and supply risks in these markets.
  • To optimize to the maximum the costs by increasing the production efficiency.


By achieving these objectives, your enterprise will be able to face the difficulties of competing in new markets with other companies that are already settled in them.


To reach these goals, we offer several action plans, named Hummanity New Market. They are aimed at offering everything that your enterprise needs to start its expansion towards foreign trade, in an easy, flexible and economic way. We will advise, support and help you from the moment that you enter these markets until your full implementation in the target country, making sure that you will be able to grow with every guarantee.


What kinds of enterprises are the most suitable for internationalization?


The main advantage of the internationalization strategy carried out in Hummanity Internacional is that, from small to big enterprises, our varied internationalization plans are intended to allow any business to expand towards new markets.


  • Our STARTUP Pack is divided in three stages. It is perfect for an international beginning.
  • GOLD Pack. It is the favourite one among small enterprises, since it includes a larger number of services and a more complete outsourcing than the previous plan.
  • If your business is considered a medium-size enterprise, the PREMIUM Pack is what you need. It contains all the services from the previous plans with an extended time horizon.
  • Finally, big companies have available a pack with global internationalization contents and services to its expansion. It is our VIP Pack.


Our commitment in Hummanity Internacional, as a company, is to offer the services and the training needed to achieve the internationalization of Spanish enterprises with success.


Contact us through the contact form available in our web page, via e-mail or by telephone, and we will advise you in everything you need, without commitment.

What are the most common strategies used in the internationalization of enterprises?


When it comes to internationalization, it is common to hear about two basic strategies regarding the access to foreign markets. One of them is concentration. The business focuses its forces in specific markets aiming at achieving a constant and growing sales volume. The second strategy is diversification, meaning the use of company resources to sell in a bigger number of markets without achieving a significant importance in the market share of each market.

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