How to define who are our clients in the process of internationalization of our enterprise?


Define who our possible and target client is in the markets where you are going to move the activity and the resources of your enterprise is a key process in the internationalization of your business.

Choosing the most suitable client depends on factors such as the maturity of the market, the size of the enterprise, the power of the competitors, or the needs of the consumers, among others. In this article, we will try to help you to discover how your target client should be in these foreign markets.


The main point: do not generalize the client


A client is never general. Even if our product is a good of basic consumption, it is essential to enclose a bit more the sector where we are going to address our efforts, especially when we sell our products and services in a completely new market. At this point, it is necessary to study thoroughly the target clients that are going to receive the enterprise’s products and services.


In order to be ready to decide how we are going to approach our target objective we need to complete numerous steps, for example: to carry out the study mentioned before, to investigate our client’s purchasing factors, and to evaluate the sales volume required to make a profit as well as the different preferences.


How to plan our interaction with the client in a foreign market


When we need to evaluate the best method to attract those customers that need our products or services, we need to think how to offer them not only to make a profit on the short, middle or long-term, but to settle our business in that market for the future. This means to build a brand’s reputation, essential to create a continued and increasing level of profit.


First of all, not all products and services need a personal contact with the client. If they do not require this personal contact, our marketing costs will be significantly reduced, while those of advertising will increase.


By contrast, if the attraction of our enterprise’s products and services client require a personal contact, at one time or another, it will be necessary to invest more resources in moving our commercial staff to that country or in recruiting native staff so that they can perform these functions.


In any case, it is necessary to highlight that each country has different culture, customs and beliefs. It is essential to consider these factors not only when designing promotional and advertising campaigns, but when planning our face-to-face contact with the client.


In Hummanity Internacional we advise, support and help all kinds of enterprises to internationalise. If you want to discover how to expand your business towards new markets, please contact us and we will inform you about everything you need without commitment.

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